Services Provided with the Maintenance Agreement

Risk Management
  • Receiving periodic updates on errors and improvements
  • Receiving error notifications and updates
  • Database maintenance
  • Performance improvements
  • Oracle database setup (server change or malfunction)
  • Receiving help from the support desk (8 hours/5 days)
  • Access to web support portal
  • Creating notices with mail
  • Creating notices with phone
  • Assigned customer manager
  • On-the-spot support service
  • 24/7 remote malfunction response
  • Malfunction response (problems about collecting data)
  • Error response (problems not about collecting data)
Other Services Provided Within the Scope of the Maintenance Agreement
  • The setup of newly-issued software and hardware products for trial purposes and providing the customers with them free-of-charge for a certain period is ensured.
  • A certain amount of discount is applied in additional offers and software developments.