Dashboard Preparation Training

This training aims to teach users how to become ProMANAGE users who can introduce AndroidOSD screens that ensure the sharing of production data and warnings related to production data with the operator, form and manage AndroidOSD screen designs, make the identifications necessary for the formed designs to be displayed on machines and who are familiar with the variables and elements that can be shown on the designs. This training was designed for manufacturing, planning, method development, continuous improvement officials. AndroidOSD setup and its technical aspects are not within the scope of this training.

Competencies that users will gain within the scope of this training are as follows:
  • Putting AndroidOSDs of which physical connections were made to use.
  • Knows for what purpose the elements and tracking variables that can be shown on AndroidOSD screens are used.
  • Can form and manage AndroidOSD screen designs.
  • Can identify and manage the machines that are wished to be shown on AndroidOSD screens.