Renewable Maintenance Agreement

In order for the long-term sustainability of the ProMANAGE Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) System and to ensure utmost benefit from it, System Upgrades, Maintenance Releases, Consultancy Services and Risk Management are provided within the scope of the Renewable Maintenance Agreement.

Releasing of Upgrades

ProMANAGE Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) System is being constantly developed and given new functions by our innovation team. In order for the system that’s being developed in accordance with the developing technologies to remain up-to-date, periodic updates are made four times a year and thus, upgrades are made more widespread. A part of the new features added to the ProMANAGE Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) System and some of its R&D activities are being carried out with the win-win understanding. After the evaluation of the wishes conveyed by our customers, R&D projects are launched via gaining inspiration from the wishes that will benefit the whole system. When the application is brought to life, the company that conveyed its wishes, as well as all of our other customers benefit from these improvements.

Consultancy Services

With the Free Engineering Days that are within the scope of the maintenance agreement, utmost benefit is aimed through the joint participation of all the units in a factory that uses ProMANAGE Manufacturing Operations Management System (MOM). Within the scope of this visit, needs and expectations regarding ProMANAGE are revised in line with our users’ preliminary studies, information about improvements added to the system and additional modules are given and system and report trainings are provided to enhance users’ user experience. Within this context, Customer Comment Forms are being sent and all of the departments that use the system, including planning, production and maintenance units, state their level of usage and their needs or the areas that they want to improve. Depending on the aforementioned information, the engineer that will attend the training is determined and a training day is organized after necessary preparations are made.

Risk Management

In order for the ProMANAGE Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) System to function constantly and at its highest performance, proactive maintenance services are provided. The following procedures are carried out via remote access by our team of experts during the maintenance period:

  • Net PC performance/Log controls
  • Listing and reporting duration controls
  • Oracle server controls
  • Stoppage durations are collected automatically.
  • Oracle Database invalid object/display controls
  • Oracle parameter controls
  • Oracle index compilation
  • Data cleaning to increase the Database performance.

As a result of the controls, a report regarding the errors that were determined and the areas that need improvement are prepared and shared with the customer. Actions are then taken for improvements to be realized.

Moreover, as part of the maintenance agreement, in cases of unexpected situations stemming from hardware, such as Oracle database crash or its malfunction, system recovery or restoration to the most recent backup via making the re-setup of Oracle is provided.

Other Services Provided Within the Scope of the Maintenance Agreement
  • The setup of newly-issued software and hardware products for trial purposes and providing the customers with them free-of-charge for a certain period is ensured.
  • A certain amount of discount is applied in additional offers and software developments.

Services Provided with the Maintenance Agreement

Risk Management
  • Receiving periodic updates regarding errors and improvements
  • Receiving failure notices and updates
  • Database maintenance
  • Performance enhancements
  • Oracle database setup (Server change or breakdown)
  • Receiving help from the support desk (5 days 8 hours)
  • Access to web support portal
  • Creating notices with mail
  • Creating notices with phone
  • Assigned customer manager
  • On-the-spot support service
  • 24/7 remote malfunction response
  • Malfunction response (problems about collecting data)
  • Error response (problems not about collecting data)
  • Receiving up-to-date versions and upgrades
  • Fulfilling minor software revision request
  • Additional discount in software revision
  • Giving demos (AndonLCD, AndroidOSD) of new products
  • Support portal data bank access
  • Free Engineering Day additional consultancy service
  • Participation in Academy trainings
Value Adds
  • Automatic assessment/checkup
  • Making assessment at the factory
  • Participation in Meeting at Doruk Platform