Topolojik Şema ProMANAGE is a closed cycle Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) System that was designed for all operations regarding Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) to be operated with digital tools in production factories.

ProMANAGE is being used in more than 200 factories with the function and quality in line with international standards, which meets the demands and know-hows of thousands of Turkish and international manufacturing operations managers and which is constantly being developed for the past 20 years.

ProMANAGE ensures that all production, quality test, maintenance management operations ranging from production planning to shipment are managed in accordance with ISO 16949 and in the way described in ISA 95 standards.

Moreover, because it presents feedbacks to authorities in accordance with certain criteria via momentarily tracking operations, factories become better organized and thus, productivity increases in significant amounts are obtained.

In addition to making instantaneous production organizations, it ensures that drops in speed, stoppages, failures, waits and losses of quality that normally go unnoticed in a factory are visible with their causes and the elimination of these through the determination of their root causes via making analyses.Increase in the speed and amount of production and decrease of losses and costs in significant amounts can be ensured without making any additional investments in factories. See also – References and user stories…