IT Specialist Training

This training aims to teach users how to become competent IT officials who have knowledge on healthy functioning of ProMANAGE system’s hardware and software components, who can eliminate a problem in case there is one that stems from network, computer and server system, who have full command of the system’s topological structure and knowledge of effective setup of its hardware and software components and who can manage the services introduced to the system. This training was designed for IT and network officials.

Competencies that users will gain within the scope of this training are as follows:
  • Can make client setup.
  • Can upload upgrades to the system.
  • Can provide support to the related users in the problems regarding Mail/SMS modules, mobile devices and clients.
  • Has knowledge on the services introduced to the system and how to introduce these services.
  • Can use Backup Settings and can take the system’s backup.
  • Can examine and interpret the log files of the services defined to system on the web service and can archive these files.
  • Has knowledge on accessing the system from outside the company.