Emergency Situation Support

Oracle Database Crash: Doruk Automation ensures that the ProMANAGE software is brought to a functioning status via making the re-setup of the ProMANAGE system on the server that the customer readies on a re-functioning status. Such an intervention is limited to once a year. If there is no 24/7 maintenance agreement, within an hour following the problem is reported to Doruk Automation during work hours, the customer is contacted, the server that caused the malfunction is made functioning by the customer via remote access and afterwards, Doruk Automation personnel ensures the re-setup of the ProMANAGE system on the server.

In case that a communication problem emerges on the NetPC Network Line, an emergency situation support is provided via remote access as a first step. If the problem is not removed via remote access, on-the-spot service is provided with an additional offer.