What is ProMANAGE Academy?

ProMANAGE Academy ProMANAGE Academy was founded by Doruk Automation to provide added value to all of its solution partners who use ProMANAGE in their factories, to increase enhancements provided to a factory via detailing the use of the system, make users from different sectors come together and to complete the missing points.

Within the scope of the Academy, smart manufacturing consultants who are experts in their fields give trainings to ProMANAGE users in certain training centers within an informative, motivating and pleasant organization.

The users who complete their trainings successfully are put to a test at the end of the program. Achievement certificates featuring the participant’s name and a serial number are given to successful participants, while those who are not entitled to get an achievement certificate are given special participation certificates with their names on.

ProMANAGE Academy was founded in 2017 and within a year, more than 300 ProMANAGE users attended one of the seven different training programs provided within the scope of the Periodical Trainings depending on the requirements of their work fields. The participants, who completed these trainings given by Doruk Automation authorities, have effectively used the ProMANAGE Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) System in their factories after the trainings.

What Does the ProMANAGE Academy Encompass?

ProMANAGE Akademi ProMANAGE Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) System’s detailed scope area is examined under seven main topics.

These areas are as follows:
  • ProMANAGE Advanced User Training
  • KeyUser Training
  • Hardware Training
  • Information Technologies Training
  • Maintenance Management Training
  • Quality Management Training
  • AndroidOSD Training